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Please pay attention to:

1. Avoid unhealed wounds;
2. Keep the parts in contact with the skin dry;
3. Clean the product regularly to avoid bacterial growth caused by sweat stains;

4. If there are symptoms such as redness and swelling on the contacted part, please stop using it and consult a doctor.

Daily maintenance and cleaning recommendations:

1. For waterproof products, it is recommended to use clean water to clean the product and wristband regularly, and dry with a soft cloth before wearing;

2. Do not use soap, hand sanitizer, bath lotion and other cleaning agents when cleaning to avoid chemical residues that stimulate the skin or corrode equipment;

3. After wearing the equipment for bathing (equipment that supports bathing), swimming (equipment that supports swimming), or sweating, please clean and dry the equipment in time;

4. The leather (leather rubber) strap does not have the waterproof function, so please do not get wet to avoid shortening the service life of the strap;

5. Light-colored wristbands should avoid contact with dark-colored clothing to prevent staining.