1.     Install the APP

Scan the QR-Code from below QR code, also can search “SMA WEAR” in APP Store and google play.

Above IOS 9.0 version, need to go to phone Settings—General---Device Management then choose trust the app.

2. Bluetooth connection.

(1)     System connection(For sync with your phone contact), open your watch Bluetooth and phone Bluetooth, , then   search device on your watch, press your phone Bluetooth name. then you phone will have a pair request. Confirm   and then pair successfully.

The bluetooth icon on your watch will become blue.

(1)    App connection, the BT icon on the watch UI will come to green.

          Open the app---Setting---Start search---Press SMA-09---Press pair when there is pairing request—Connect successful,             become to 

If all system Bluetooth and app both connected, the BT icon on the watch UI is blue+green 

Means anti-lost function button turned on

Means there is some meassage in the notification icon

Tips: As android have a lot of different types smartphone, if you can’t search the device in the app, please change the mode from SPP to GATT.

3. Key function:

(1)    Pedometer:

You need to put your personal info like height and weight in options to calculate your burnt calories.

Here you can set you goals, check your history and reset your steps countdown.

Enter the application and press “Start” to begin. If you want to sync the data, you should press“Stop” first. (If you always on “Start” status, smart watch will sync failed)

(2)Heart rate monitor

There are two ways of heart rate: single time monitor and continuous monitor.

(if the strap is too tight the blood circulation will be oppressed; if the strap is too loose it will affect the heart rate monitor data accuracy).

(3) Message sync.


All message push to phone will push to the watch.

Click any message under”Messages”  menu, select anyone to read and can call back the sender or send quick message reply(For android phone)

PS: Android sysc, Smartwatch will push SMS directly to messages, but for iOS SMS only arrive on Notification menu instead of messages

(4) Phone book sync and Dialer


Once your watch Bluetooth connect with phone Bluetooth, the watch will sync with phonebook.

Also you can call on Dialer.

(5)Bluetooth music


This application allows you to play the music on your Smartphone through your Smartwatch

Note: The volume on your Smartphone will affect the volume of the sound on your Smartwatch.Ensure that volume on your Smartphone is set at an appropriate level.

(6)Remote capture


This Application allows you to remotely take pictures on your phone from your Smartwatch Directly.

 NOTE:Android phone can open the phone camera from the watch directly, but for iOS you need to open “Camera”firstly on iPhone,so this function works

(7) Language choose:


Go to watch setting---international---turn off Auto sync---Choose language

(8)Notification ways:


Go to watch setting---Sound---Choose ring or vibrate.

(9) Volume(modify in setting)


After you test the smart watch, if there is any questions, welcome to contact us by freely.