More than 100 engineers in the R&D team independently develop algorithms for pedometer, heart rate, sleep, calories, distance, etc.

The first manufacturer in the industry to have a heart rate solution

Sleep Algorithm
Heart Rate Algorithm
Multi-Motion Mode Algorithm
Pedometer Algorithm
Self-developed unique filtering and anti-interference pedometer algorithm, accuracy rate >95%.

Medical grade dynamic heart rate algorithm

Ultra-precise resting and dynamic heart rate tracking capabilities

Ultra-low-power solution integration
The high-precision sensor cooperates with the sleep algorithm to automatically identify the sleep state and automatically record the start and end time of sleep.
With high-configuration sensors and chip hardware, combined with multiple algorithms developed in the language, the device can recognize more complex scenes and multiple motion modes
Product Design

Senior ID and UI interaction designer, fully grasp design trends such as new materials and new technologies, and explore cutting-edge design directions and concepts.

ID Design

Fully grasp new materials, new technologies and other design trends, explore cutting-edge design directions, concepts

Analysis of customer needs, product positioning analysis, concept design

Proficient in using various design software such as CorelDraw, PS, Rhino, 2D, 3D rendering

Continuously update design solutions to meet customer needs and market trends

After the design is finalized, the meeting will be communicated, and the design will be introduced into the actual research, development and production

Follow up production and solve problems such as process pigments

UI Design

Years of experience in user experience and interaction design, rich experience in wearable device and APP, UX design;

Good project planning, operation, coordination, document writing skills, good proposal expression skills and communication skills;

Proficient in Sketch, Principle, Protopie, PS, AE and other design software

New Project Development
System design, critical point review, confirm ID diagram, confirm product configuration
Determine the structure design, cast mold, structure prototype, software and hardware debugging
Arranging PR1 trial production
Software and hardware development self-test

Market research, 

product positioning

Trial production completed to meet early shipment requirements for small quantities
Arrange PR2 trial production, large hardware finalization, trial production to meet trial production standards
Software detail optimization
Official Launch Phase