【SMA-Q2 smart watch】

1.How to pair the watch  /  2.“Do not disturb” Function  /  3.“Back light” Function  /  4.How to show my name in the Rank?  

5.How to show my name in the Rank?  /  6.The Data page 3 icons meaning of the Sport​  /  7.The Data page 3 icons meaning of the Heart rate

8.How to sync the watch data to the phone APP?  /  9.How many alarms can be setat total?  /  10.How to set the message notification?     

11.Can show the Run track?   /  12.Can show the Run track?  /  13.The Firmware update

1.      How to pair the watch

Download the “SMA CARE” APP - - Register - - Login APP, Follow the instructions to complete the Settings.

Click the APP “Device” - - “Add a new device” - - SMA-Q2 - - Search the SMA-Q2 - - When the watch appears the pair icon, please pressed by the middle button - - The phone Bluetooth pair request - - Pair success.

2.      “Do not disturb” Function

When start this function, it can avoid incoming call/ Messages vibration influence.

3.      “Back light” Function

The SMA-Q2 watch back light bright time: 2/4/6/8 seconds. Suggest to set 2s, it will save watch power.

4.      How to show my name in the Rank?

All SMA-Q2 smart watch users can be shown in the Rank automatic. But now it only show the top 20 user’s photo, nick name, steps.

5.      “Personal Information” Can I set it up at will?

No. Please set it as your real information. Because the Steps, sport model and other data all need  calculate according to your personal information.

6.      The Data page 3 icons meaning of the Sport?

First is walk, Second is Run, Third is low amount of exercise

7.      The Data page 3 icons meaning of the Heart rate?

First is Rest heart rate, Second is average heart rate, Third is Maximum heart rate

8.      How to sync the watch data to the phone APP?

In the Data page - - Pull down the page - - the Data will sync.

9.      How many alarms can be set at total?

Support total at most 8 alarms

10.    How to set the message notification?

If you want which APP push message or don’t push, please go to phone setting - - Notification, select which one you need set allow notifications or not.

11.    Can show the Run track? 

Data page - - Sport detail - - Exercise record - - Exercise track - - It will show the map and track.

Only when the watch and phone APP is connecting, it can show the track.

12.    Unpair watch notes

Please don’t forget go to the phone Setting - - Bluetooth - - SMA-Q2 - - Forget device. Otherwise you cann’t pair the watch with this mobile phone in next time.

13.    The Firmware update

When we release the newest firmware, you can firmware update your watch.

If you have the problem with firmware update, please go to the Me page - -More settings - - Firmware repair.